Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Paper Roses

Well, they aren't roses, but I thought of that song while I made these paper flowers for today's feature.  I used Walk In My Garden and George to create a paper flower bouquet to give to my granddaughter after her dance recital on Saturday.  I figure these might last a little longer than the real ones.  I cut out 5 layers of the same shaped flower in 5 different colors and layered them with different colors to make them colorful.  I used brads for the centers, which also helped to attach them to the dowels.  I'm thinking I need some florist tape to cover up the dowels and make them look more like flower stems.  I need a basket for it too, so its off to Hobby Lobby again!

So far, I've used 14 of my 34 cartridges!  

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I'm updating this to show the finished arrangement. I used florist tape to wrap around the sticks, put florist foam in a basket and put the flowers in the foam. I cut 2 stars, one with Kayla's name, and the other "Shining Star" cut out of them, with red paper behind the letters for them to show against the yellow. For the "grass", I folded a piece of green paper in a zig zag pattern, cut narrow strips off the folded paper and put it on the top to cover the foam. Kayla loved her flowers and they are now on her dresser in her room!

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