Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cricut Cartridge Challenge Day 13

Today, is already Sunday, and I will be listing two challenge features. I was away yesterday and did not have computer access to post for Saturday. My dear little granddaughter, Kayla was performing in her dance recital and they wanted me to stay for a sleepover. How can I say no? I always have a wonderful time with my girls Kayla and Kerri and of course, their mom and dad!

Well, since I enjoyed my time with my granddaughters, its only fitting I have them included in my Cartridge challenge feature.

I was going through the handbooks of the cartridges I have left and came across Christmas Cheer. Although the weather was cool enough to feel like Autumn, I was not really in the mood to make something I came across this shape. I guess it could be used for a Holiday ornament, but decided to make a photo holder to put on my keyring. I cut the scalloped square shape at 3 1/2" in chipboard. I cut two more shapes, but it was the scalloped square with a circle cut out. I cut two layers of DCWV Blossoms and butterflies cardstock, and two pieces of transparancy. I layered them this way....scalloped square with circle cut out, transparancy, photo to fit, solid scalloped square, photo, transparancy, scalloped square with circle cut out. I glued the layers together. With the three layers of chipboard, it is very sturdy. After all layers were glued together, making sure all edges were flush, I inked the edges with a Copic marker (to cover the grayish brown color of the chipboard). I put a ribbon through the top hole and attached it to my keychain! My daughter's birthday is in two weeks, I think I'll make one for her!

Thanks for stopping by....the photos below show my granddaughter Kerri (sometimes very serious) and Kayla, because of her love of the dance, is very dramatic!

I will post Sunday's entry later this evening!

Koala-t hugs,



  1. What a clever idea. I think your daughter is going to love one. Your GD's are really cute.

  2. Adorable. And your gd's are twice as cute!