Monday, June 22, 2009

Here's the Project that Gave me so much Grief!

I have finished my special project and I'm ready to get back to my Challenge! I've got less than 10 days left, so I'm going to have to hustle to get the rest of my projects finished!

But first, a little about the project. My nephew graduated high school and turned 18, and I wanted to create something special for him. I wanted to make a word book for him with photos of him through his first 18 years. We often spent time with him when he was little, and I had photos from those times. Also, I had pictures of nearly all his birthdays. So the word book had to be a larger size than the ones I had made in the past. So I designed a word book in both the Design Studio software for my Cricut and the Funtime Software for my Gazelle. I was preferring the Gazelle design because I used a font called "Magical Mystery Tour" because Jordan is a big Beatles fan. But when I attempted to cut it out on the Gazelle, it did not cooperate. After many e-mails and several phone calls, it was determined for me to send the Gazelle in for repair.

On to the Expression. I attempted to cut the book using my other cutter, but no luck. It just wouldn't cut in two passes, as the second pass would create another cut and not go in the same path as the first. So I was forced to improvise. I used the full size of the 11 x 17 sheet of chipboard, covered it in paper, then cut the letters to attach to the side of the book. After all that, I got my book the way I wanted it to look. Then, after printing about a dozen photos, my printer decided to conk out (AHH, TECHNOLOGY! Gotta love it!)

After all that, I was able to finish the book and was quite pleased with it (I even added 2 more pages for a few more pictures) My nephew was quite pleased with it and after several adjectives, actually called it "UBER COOL". I'm so flattered!

I did use Pooh and Friends Font for the large letters for the pages, used Mickey and Friends Font for the front title, the musical notes cut from Joy of the Season, and a few more titles I used Opposites Attract, Hello Kitty Font, Wild Card Font and Lyrical Letters. My daughter suggested putting guitar picks on the ribbons on the coils of the book....great suggestion! I found out the day of the party, that Jordan's favorite colors are red, black and white!

Congratulations to Jordan! We are all very proud of him. He will be attending the Berkley School of Music in the fall. He is very talented and I can't wait to see where his talent takes him!


  1. Amazing ... you should be so darn proud of yourself!

  2. That is one great wordbook! I need to learn how to do those!

  3. This is WONDERFUL!!! Great job!!!

  4. Your daughter is a genius! So very cool!