Friday, February 19, 2010

Welcome Jack and Juli!

I don't usually post my family stuff here, but I am so excited I wanted to share.

My son and daughter are now the proud parents of twins! Jack Shouta and Juli Virginia. They were born Thursday, February 18, 2010. They were born approximately 12:45 in the afternoon. They are both health and BEAUTIFUL! Here are some pictures I took when I visited them at the hospital.

Here is the first photo my son sent me....Juli (on the left) and Jack, only hours old.

Proud Nonnie (that's me!) holding Jack. Look at that hair!

The two grandmoms, holding each of the babies (I'm holding Jack)

Auntie Katie (my daughter) holding Juli and me and Jack.

Jack needed a little warming, so they took off his clothes and blanket and put him under a warming lamp.

Juli asleep in Auntie Katie's arms.
Here are the happy parents. They both were very tired, up for over 24 hours. Tired but very happy!

The nurse was nice enough to offer to take this photo so I could be in it.

I just doubled my grandchildren from 2 to 4! My granddaughters Kayla and Kerri can't wait to meet their cousins!

Thanks for letting me share my exciting news!

Koala-t hugs,



  1. awwwww, kathy they are precious!! many congratuations to you all xxxxx

  2. Oh so precious!!! Congrats!! Can'[t wait to see more photos!!!

  3. that is exciting news and you look like the beaming grandma with a huge heart that grows with each grandchild!