Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Things have been quite hectic around here the past few weeks. In between making Pink Lady costumes for my granddaughters and making items for the craft fair in November, my Imagine arrived! I had an idea I would be receiving it, just didn't know what day. It arrived the day my daughter and granddaughters were visiting and Kayla was almost as excited about it as I was!

I knew I had to concentrate on setting it up but Kayla was so excited for me, I unpacked it with her. She chattered on about how cool it was as we took the cords and ink and packing materials out of the box. I lifted the Imagine out of the box (and this baby is HEAVY!) and put it on the table...the space I had designated weeks earlier where I would put the Imagine. Kayla looked at it for a moment and said "can we do something with it?". I told her about all the "technical stuff" I had to do before getting it to work, but promised the next time she came over, we would make something together.

That evening, after the girls went home and I had dinner, I sat down and read through all the instructions and got my Imagine up and running. I was a bit apprehensive after reading of the problems some were having with their Imagine, but I forged ahead. Fortunately, all went well and I was printing and cutting in no time.

This is the first project I made, using Nursery Tails (a cartridge I had ordered and received before my Imagine even arrived!) The colors are bright and the graphics sharp. It took a bit to calibrate it , so the images were cut out correctly. But with the help of all the information that had been posted on the various message boards, I was able to get accurate cuts.
I have been using the Imagine, in between finishing my sewing projects. It is an AWESOME crafting tool! In the coming weeks, the Imagine will be made compatible with the Gypsy and I will be able to create my projects on the Gypsy and print and cut them on the Imagine. I see lots of potential with the Imagine. I am very fortunate that I won this "COOL TOY"!

In the coming weeks I will feature projects created with the Imagine. Hope you come by and see what I come up with!

Have a great day!

Koala-t hugs,



  1. I'm jealous!! But I'm happy for you. Enjoy it!! TFS!! Take Care!!
    Jennie @ http://earthyscrap.blogspot.com/

  2. Beautiful - I still need to take mine out of the box. Hopefully Friday!!


  3. Wow! Does that mean you sold your Gazelle?