Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting Tired of Seeing Mini Books Yet?

I hope not! Since the last week of January I have completed 9 books and will finish the 10th one this week! Next weekend is the big 2 day craft fair and I'm looking forward to showing the new books.

The feature for today is something different for me. I used tags in the past few books, but this one has a tag for each page! I had lots of fun with this mini!

The paper is from Hobby Lobby's brand Paper Studio and the stack is called Ooops a Daisy. Its got a unique color combination and a bit of a change for me from the usual bright colors.

The shape was cut using my Gypsy and the marquee shape from Accent Essentials with a rectangle from the George cartridge to make one of the sides of the marquee straight (better for binding the book.) I used binder rings to assemble the book.

Even though each page has a tag and pocket, I tried to create a little variety. This page, the tag is side loaded, and I used a flower from the paper for the pull tab.

This pocket has a window, so placing a photo on the tag, it will be seen through the pocket. I used transparancies for the windows.

This pocket was created with a half circle.

I also enjoy using border punches to edge the pocket edges.

Another variation, cutting the pocket on an angle.

This isn't really a pocket, but a border where the tag slips inside of it. A great edge for the photo to be placed on the tag

Hope you enjoyed today's feature. Another busy week ahead, gathering all I'll be taking to the craft fair. I'm looking forward to showing some new creations. Here's hoping its a nice day weatherwise and folks come in to shop!

Have a great Monday!

Koala-t hugs,



  1. I guess I'm follower #150!

    LOVE this book! I'm off to look at all your other beautiful creations.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. What a very cute mini. I love the shape. Thanks.

  3. This book is beautiful! I love it!