Monday, September 14, 2009

Completed First Craft Fair of the Season

This past Saturday and Sunday my daughter and I were vendors at a local Craft fair. Its held at Harper College and put on by Step by Step Productions. Katie and I have done this show several times in the past 2 years and have always had success with it. Unfortunately, this past weekend was not good. We talked to other vendors and they also said they did not do as well as in the past. Don't know why...some blamed the beautiful weather (although I don't think that's the case) but it could just be the economy.

Anyway, it was 2 days I got to spend with my daughter and my granddaughter, Kayla was with us on Saturday.

Here are a few photos of our booth and some of our creations. I'll be posting more photos of the projects completed for this show.

Here is Kayla, modeling a pair of the knit pants my daughter, Katie makes.

Here is a picture of some of Katie's knitting.

One side of our booth. We got a booth and a half - guess some folks dropped out at the last minute and we filled in some of the empty space.

This is the back of the booth. It was the first time we set up with "pipe and drape" looked OK (Katie did a great job of designing and putting the framework together) This metal grid shelving was a great way to support the pipe and display word books and some of my other work.

One corner of our booth. We had lots more room than we thought, and spread out quite a bit.

We both felt a bit discouraged yesterday, but today's a new day and look forward to our next craft fair. By then, folks will be shopping for Christmas...

I hope to be posting more often, now that this craft fair is over. Thanks for stopping by.

Koala-t hugs,



  1. I know what you mean. I participated in a couple of craft fairs last winter and they both bombed. A lot of the other vendors around me were saying the same thing. Better luck next time :)

  2. I am sorry it didn't go as well as you had hoped, but it sounds like you had a great time with your family...