Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Is ALMOST HERE!

Its only 4 more days until Christmas! The month flew by! I hope you are all ready for the big day! For a nice change, I am a head of schedule.

I wanted to post this project that I created a few weeks ago. I had always had an angel for the top of my tree. For many years, I had an angel doll that I made, but since getting a smaller tree, the doll was too heavy and made the branch tip forward.

Since getting the Christmas Solutions cartridge, I have been finding many different and fun cuts on it. I thought I would give the angel a try, making it in a larger size for my tree.

I cut it at 9", cut the blackout two times, and the overlay twice. Also, I cut the wings twice.

I punched small holes in the edge of the angel's skirt and hand stitched with gold thread. I glued the layers together, leaving the bottom open, glueing only on the outer edges of the skirt, so I had a place to insert the top branch of the tree.

I used gold Stickles on the wings and diamond on the collar and the sleeves.

It looks great on the tree!

Hope where ever you are, you are warm and cozy!

Koala-t hugs,


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  1. OOOH!!! Love that angel tree topper!!! Sure wish I would have seen this post sooner!!! I just put up a 3 1/2' tree this year because we were all sick. Didn't have an appropriate size topper for it! This would have been perfect!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! Love IT!