Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Colors

I'm not sure, but it seems a sure sign of "age" is when a person says "where did the time go?" In my case, maybe its because of my upcoming birthday, or its just the time since I last posted seemed to fly by! In any event, October is nearly over and I"m trying to figure out what kept me so busy!

Every year, I see how beautiful the leaves are as they turn their autumnal colors, and I say "I need to get out and get some photos of these beautiful colors" but I never get around to it. Well, this year I DID! It was a beautiful fall day, I grabbed my camera and drove around the neighborhood snapping pictures.

This one was taken behind my apartment building. I love the contrast in colors between the two trees and how they look against the brilliant blue of the Sky. Fall colors, earth tones, are some of my favorite colors. Nature's artwork always leaves me awestruck.

Please enjoy the photo and I hope you are enjoying Autumn colors where ever you are! I'll be back very soon to post more projects I've accomplished in recent days!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend....and have a great week!

Koala-t hugs,


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